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澳洲社会学论文代写: 全球化影响


澳洲社会学论文代写: 全球化影响

Rowna Bautista, who is from Philippine farming village, is a mother of two children. She takes care of two children as a nanny in Washington, D.C., and she has been stayed in the United States for five years. She married to a worker and had two children with him, then she had to go abroad to earn money, but before she went abroad, she had studied for 3 years for engineering degree. The First World countries have much more job opportunities earn much more money than her country; according to Global Woman, working as nurses or nannies a month can earn $200 in Singapore, $700 in Italy, or $1400 in the U.S. Obviously, the world wage structure is very different and unequal, so there is no doubt that workers are more likely to go to the US. Because of the big wage gap, Rowena quit her engineering career and went to work in the US. Moreover, the reason of working abroad is that she thought she can provide a better living environment for her children. Since she earns $750 per month, she sends most of salary to her family for their food and education, and gives very small amount money to her house maid.


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