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法兰克福也在争夺英国退欧后金融中心的地位。德国最大的银行德意志银行宣布,他们将在今年秋季将大部分资产和业务转移到法兰克福(Arnold, Martin, & Noonan, 2017)。正如首席执行官约翰克赖恩(John Cryan)所言,这可能是欧盟单一银行中规模最大的一次转移。花旗集团欧洲、中东和非洲(EMEA)首席执行官办公室Jim Cowles做出的另一项决定是,该行决定将其主要交易业务迁往法兰克福(Arnold et al., 2017)。这是因为法兰克福以其基础设施和熟练工人而闻名,正如考尔斯所声称的那样,该行已经在实地部署了这些基础设施和熟练工人。从长远来看,全球最大的两家银行采取的这些行动确实可能威胁到英国的经济。毫无疑问,国际银行如野村控股(Nomura Holdings,第五大银行资产和三井住友银行公司在日本第三大银行的资产已经发表了他们计划在他们的主要操作转移到法兰克福Brexit转向另一个方面的问题,有几个私人银行在英国正在扩大他们的服务。据英国《金融时报》报道,以下几家银行的高管;瑞士信贷(Credit Suisse)、瑞银(UBS)、法国兴业银行(Societe Generale)和百达集团(Pictet)宣布,这些公司将扩大在英国的业务和投资(Arnold, 2017)。这是因为,就市场潜力而言,英国仍然具有吸引力。换句话说,富有的客户仍能在英国找到机会。瑞银财富管理业务欧盟主管雅各布•斯托特(Jakob Stott)也支持这一观点。


Frankfurt has also competed for the position of post-Brexit financial centre. From the announcement of Deutsche Bank, the largest bank in German, they will transfer most of their assets and operation to Frankfurt in this autumn (Arnold, Martin, & Noonan, 2017). This could be one of the largest transfer of single EU bank, as stated by the chief executive officer, John Cryan. Another decision made by Citigroup’s Europe, Middle East and Afica (EMEA) chief executive office, Jim Cowles, that the bank decided to move theirs main trading operation to Frankfurt (Arnold et al., 2017). This is because Frankfurt is well known for its infrastructure and skilled workers which the bank has already had on ground, as claimed by Mr.Cowles. These actions from two of the largest bank in the world could threaten Britain’s economic in the long term, indeed. Undoubtedly, international banks such as Nomura Holdings, the fifth largest bank by asset and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation which is the third largest bank in Japan by asset have already published their plan on moving their main operation to Frankfurt after Brexit Turning to another side of the issue, there are several private banks who are now enlarging their services in the UK. According to the Financial Times, the senior executives at the following banks; Credit Suisse, UBS, Société Générale and Pictet announced that the companies will expand their operation and investment in the UK (Arnold, 2017). This is because the UK is still attractive in terms of market potential. In other words, the wealthy clients still find an opportunity in the UK. This idea was also supported by Jakob Stott who is the EU head of UBS’s wealth management businesses


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