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1887年,全球联合路公司在美国科罗拉多州丹佛市成立。这是一个由五个人组成的非营利性组织,一名丹佛妇女,一名牧师,两名牧师和一名拉比。他们聚集在一起寻求问题的解决方案,并与福利协会建立联系,组织为当地慈善机构筹集资金,协调福利服务。联合之路致力于为人们提供关爱和创造更好的生活方式。1986年,西澳大利亚州珀斯市的一群商人为了满足社会日益增长的需求和不断增加的慈善请求,在28年前成立了联合慈善基金会。他们开发了一个为期12个月的试点项目在1988年7月,他们开始全面运作的联合道路。United Way努力提供更好的机会来改善社会的生活,满足他们的基本需求,所以他们主要集中在三个领域,教育,健康和收入,因为这三个领域在社会中发挥着重要的作用。优质的教育有助于年轻人获得良好的知识和技能,这样学生就会得到合适的工作和足够的收入来满足家庭的基本需求。联合西澳大利亚州还在卫生部门开展了许多活动,他们致力于通过关心个人和组织来改善卫生服务(“联合西澳大利亚州和多伦多的50年历史;在过去的几十年里,这座城市的需求和慷慨都有所增长。


Globally United Way was founded in 1887 in Denver, Colorado in the USA. It is a non-profit organization founded by five people a Denver woman, a priest, two ministers and a rabbi to distinguished the welfare problems and get suitable actions in their city. They assembled to get solutions of problems and connected with welfare societies and make organization to collect funds for local charities and coordinate wellbeing services. United way doing works on providing caring power and create better lifestyle for people.In 1986, United Way WA was established twenty eight years ago by a group of Perth businessmen in Western Australia Inc to growing requirements of society and increasing charitable requests. They developed a 12 months pilot program in July 1988 they begun full operation of United Way. The United Way do struggle for providing better opportunities to improve the lives of societies by fulfill their basic needs so they mainly concentrate on three fields EDUCATION, HEALTH and INCOME because these three fields play an important role in society. Quality education helps the youth to achieve good knowledge and skills so students will get suitable jobs and enough income for fulfill the basic needs of their families. United Way WA also created so many activities in Health sector, they works to improve health services by caring to individuals and organizations(“A 50-Year History of United Way and Toronto-the-Giving; the City’s Needs and Generosity Have Both Grown over the Decades” 2007).


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