第一步 是分析作文题,根据文章的问题,

This problem can be divided into five parts.

In order to help foreign students, how should Western universities change their culture?

The theme is the internationalization of higher education;

Word restriction is the impact of academic culture and the adjustment of western culture itself; what is the meaning of demonstratives and to what extent



Generally speaking, the article is a three-paragraph structure, introduction, subject and combination,

Research purpose and article structure. In the main part, we need to consider some possible reflections on answering research questions,

For example, what is cultural shock? To what extent should Western Universities adapt to international students?

Think about interesting questions that you can discuss. These viewpoints need to find appropriate sources through research,

and try to understand and summarize the viewpoints in the literature.

The conclusion part mainly includes the restatement of the central argument and the summary of the main points. Begin to work out a more detailed plan for this issue.

The next step is to try to fill in the above frame and give the answers for each part.