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发表论文英文 公共演说的重要性(二) why public speaking is so important

Opportunities at school


  As a student, you listen to class lectures every day. You also hearstudent speakers at assemblies or other school activities. While thosesituations are the most obvious that you regard them as public speaking, but theyare not the only ones. You have been in school long enough to know that schoolprovides many opportunities to speak in public. Students who give reports inEnglish, take part in group discussions in history, and participate inextracurricular organizations express their ideas through public speaking.You’ll be able to improve your grades by giving speeches or oral reports aboutclass projects. You can have an impact in school affairs as you learn to voiceyour opinion. You will also discover that you can learn from other students’reports or speeches. As you become a better listener, your understanding of avariety of topics will grow. Many students who take advantages of speakingopportunities are outstanding among students, because of their ability tocommunicate their ideas to others. Your future success may be influenced bythese opportunities.




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