History Assignment 代写 国际混合教育的好处 a mixed class is preferred

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“In myclass, there are two Japanese and one American. We are getting along well andit’s fun to study together with people from different cultures.” This is how acollege student describes his class. Recently with rapid development ofeconomy, China is embracing more foreign students who are eager to learnChinese and know about Chinese culture. In my opinion, a mixed class is morepreferable to an exclusive one in terms of benefits of both foreign and Chinesestudents.


I have reason to support my view. Foreignstudents may find it very helpful to further improve their language skills in amixed class. Provided that their Chinese is competent enough to follow thelectures, a mixed class furnishes them with a golden opportunity to brush uptheir Chinese proficiency and understand Chinese people. Only in this way canthey get into closer contact with Chinese. Coming from afar, they are reluctantto be separated and treated as “ foreigners”. Hence to their benefits, weshould not set barriers for their deeper involvement. Only by mixing withChinese students can they gain a better knowledge of Chinese culture.


Taking into account of all these factors, wemay arrive at the conclusion that it is beneficial to adopt the practice of amixed class. A seemingly trivial event as it is in study, it may exert aprofound impact on both students’ individual life and cross-culturalcommunication.