Humanities Assignment 代写 汉字危机 chinese characters crisis

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 Withthe rapidly development of electronic technology, the paperless office isbasically realized. We have fewer and fewer opportunities to write, as aresult, we always forget how to write the characters. Moreover, the casualexpression from internet makes us confused about the real meaning of theChinese characters. some people think that while we already have a convenienceway to express ourselves, we do not need to write anymore, well,i could not agree with that.


  Becausethe cell phone has shortcut input method and the computer typing could correcterror automatically, this can not be the reason to refuse to write. In the firstplace, Chinese characters has been used for over 6000 years, it is the spiritand soul of a nation, we should be proud of it rather than not to write itanymore.


  Inthe second place, we could cultivate ourselves when we are writing. Forinstance, masterful calligraphy can be rated as superb works of art, we feelsomething special link to art while we are writing. It is this magical thing thatelectronic technology can not do.


  Inthe third place, even though the technology bring us great convenience, westill in the situation that have to write. It could be embarrassing that youforget how to write when you were asked.


 Finally, Chinese characters are our spirit of culture, we shouldremember how to write it, and write it good.


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