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The activity was conducted in classroom entitled “Sketching from Basic Shapes.” I prepared the blank sketching A4 papers and a set of marker pens. I started by briefing the pupils. They need to prepare in advance their colouring tools and accessories to complete this task. Later, I drew the four mentioned shapes on the white board. I made effort to request pupils to name and spell the shapes. I helped pupils to elicit characteristics of those shapes – corners, sides, and faces as a whole class activity.Next, I opened to the floor for questions. Pupils started to give their opinions, asking for consents and ideas. I gave some suggestions. I distributed blank papers to each pupil. Pupils started to sketch. I walked around to monitor pupils’ progress and conducted low profile intervention to make sure everyone has started. I found that some pupils did not have any ideas about the task and copying from peer happened. I intervened and gave some of them the new sheet of paper to make them re-do the task.Some of the pupils understood well and can complete task faster. Thus, I took opportunity to match those pupils that already finish in advance to their classmates that were still on the initial stage in pairs to help the slow progressing pupils.


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