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罗尔德·达尔用简短的句子给我们恐惧,因为我们不希望他们一段时间。它给简短的句子一个惊人的质量,这是真正有价值的悬念。故事的结局肯定是为了让读者坐在椅子的边缘,并以悬念的方式展开。` `玛丽开始咯咯地笑` `这句话扩大了戏剧性的结论,认为叶子的状态中,晕知道她的安排和狡诈的回报。这种情况继续影响着人们的悬念,不知道警察是否会真正揭开帕特里克传球的谜团。通过这个故事,我们看到了玛丽内心的变化,以及她冲动的行为和思想占据了她。“这对她来说没什么区别。这句话真的告诉了玛丽,为了逃避不便,他将如何战斗。它向我们展示了它是怎样的,她是脆弱的,经历了大部分的这只是因为她的重要的其他离开预期开始发展时,我们不知道警察是否会落入她的圈套或不。羔羊是在故事的重要标志。羊腿,这句话介绍了故事的主要标志,这在某种程度上造成了悬念,因为故事的权利。罗尔德·达尔用短句来创建形状不常见。他们停止。出于蓝色。它感到心烦意乱。它是为了保持紧张和悬念的状态。


Roald Dahl used short sentences give us a dread, since we do not expect them for some time. It gives short sentences a startling quality, which is truly valuable for making suspense. The ending of the story definitely was made to keep the reader at the edge of his chair and to kick with suspense. “Mary began to giggle“ This quote expands on the dramatic conclusion that is assume to leaves in a condition of stun knowing her arrangement and guile payed off. This keeps on building suspense with the impact of not knowing whether the police will genuinely uncover the puzzle of Patrick’s passing. Through the story we see the change in heart of Mary and her impulsive actions and thoughts taking over her. “ It made no difference to her.“ This quote genuinely speaks to how Mary will battle through anything to escape inconvenience. It demonstrates to us how as it were, she is frail for experiencing the greater part of this only because of her significant other leaving The anticipation begins to develop when we are not sure if the cops will fall into her trap or not. The lamb turns out to be a significant symbol in the sotry. “A leg of lamb.“ This quote introduces the main symbol of the story which in a way create suspense due to the entitlement of the story. Roald Dahl used short sentences to the create shape isnt common. They stop. Out of the blue. It feels distracted. It is meant to keep the state of tension and suspense.


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