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In contrast to “Young Goodman Brown”, the atmosphere of “The Rocking-Horse Winner” is not so much gloomy and dark. In turn, the story’s atmosphere is relatively tense due to the fact that Paul is eager to become lucky in order to help his mother since she states that her husband (his father) does not satisfy her major needs and expectations. Additionally, he is unlucky, and thus, makes her unlucky as well. Therefore, Paul decides to become lucky in order to assist his mother and make her happy. As he experiences the lack of love, in return, he expects to receive some type of love from a mother. Moreover, the story deals with how Paul’s parents, especially her mother obsess with material wealth rather than showing true love to her children. She is greatly obsessed with money, very greedy and irresponsible. This story clearly shows a certain lifestyle where persons are more concerned about money that symbolizes the lack of love and affection. Throughout the story, we can see how Paul is eager to help her mother even to the point where he loses his own life. All these facts make the story’s atmosphere bitter and sympathetic. In turn, Ege admits that “The Rocking-Horse Winner” “…contains the fairy-tale atmosphere of imagination” (47). Supporting this point of view, it is possible to say that the story truly includes fairy-tale elements and “opens with the singsong voice of a fairy tale”


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