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In modern world, almost everything rely on computer as it helps people in doing work more easily, simply and systematic. It also helps in doing work fast so it saves time. Nowadays even in school from basic level student are taught computer. So people should have at least knowledge of using some software like MS-office, which helps a lot in daily life. So these skills can be used in organisation. As a organisation has lots of data to be sent, saved and made. So doing this entire thing in computer makes it easier, simpler and systematic. Example In an organization many information has to be sent and received and if these information are sent by post then it takes time but if use email, information’s can be sent within a few seconds .so IT competence is one of the transferable skills that can be used in an organization.Secondly most important transferable skills that can be used in an organization are interpersonal skill. Internal personal includes listening, writing and speaking. If a person has a habit of listening to the lectures in class in student life, discussing the topic in class and doing his assignment then, this kind of interpersonal skills can be transferred in future. So later he would be habitual to this skill and would be taking active participation in meeting and seminar by listening to other’s thought and expresses his ideas too. It helps to make plans and progression of an organization.


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