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指出,社会经济地位通常分为三类,高、中、低来描述三个领域一个家庭或个人不得落入在放置一个家庭或个人为其中一个类别三个变量的任何或所有收入、教育和职业评估。此外,低收入和很少的教育表明,由于环境条件造成的一系列身体和心理健康问题的强有力的预测因素可能是导致这个人的社会困境的全部原因。大多数经济状况不佳的儿童都有效地掌握了儿童运动和语言技能的发展童年任务,并了解了他们的家庭和社区的社会实践价值(Harry & Klingner,2007);但是,他们可能没有学过特定的语言形式,也可能没有学过学校使用特定语言形式的方式,而他们的中等收入同龄人却如此。因此,可以认为学生在学业上的失败也可以由其他因素来解释。家庭拥有的金钱或孩子皮肤的颜色不应该影响孩子的学习能力


observes that Socioeconomic status is typically broken into three categories, high, middle, and low to describe the three areas a family or an individual may fall into when placing a family or individual into one of these categories any or all of the three variables income, education, and occupation can be assessed. Additionally, low income and little education have shown to be strong predictors of a range of physical and mental health problems due to environmental conditions may be the entire cause of that person’s social predicament to begin with. Most economically disadvantaged children have effectively mastered the usual developmental childhood tasks of motor and language skills, and have learned the values of social practices of their homes and neighborhoods (Harry & Klingner, 2007); but they may not have learned particular forms of language or the ways in which schools use specific forms of language to the extent that their middle income peers have. Therefore, it can be assumed that students’ failure to achieve academically may be explained by other factors also. The amount of money that a family has or the color of a child’s skin should not influence how well that child learns


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