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The questions arises how it all started. Well, the answer is simple enough. Economic reasons, free trade and international business deals, immigration and education were the reasons for globalization. The researchers who spoke about the emergence of globalization, identified globalization as a cumulative process, meaning that there is a small preceded factors that paved the way for progressing globalization and that what we are witnessing today. Including trading, most big corporations move their business operations to foreign countries by going global. The major reasons for the globalization of business are: trade barriers, customer demands or need for customized products and globalization of competitors. Also immigration, one of the main factors that had facilitated the globalization movement. People immigrate to other countries in the pursuit of better standard of living, career and job prospects and better health care. All this had resulted in the commencement of what is called globalization today (Okolo, 2010). Education it is also worth mentioning as a one of the factors that helped in progressing globalization, The prospects of pursuing higher studies abroad also has give rise to globalization. Students are moving out of their countries to developed nations for studies and jobs.


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