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The production concept begins during the rise of industrial age where most industries were willing to produce goods in large amounts or huge quantity to fulfill the demand of consumers. It all happened at the peak of 1920’s where most industries were able to produce goods in large quantities to fulfill the need or demand. To do this most producers asked themselves some critical questions before working on producing a particular product for the consumers. The question that would come to their mind is that whether they will be capable of producing a particular good or not and the next up and immediate question would be that whether they will be able to produce it in large scale or not. The concept was very simple where producers would look for an unfulfilled demand in the market and then produce the product in large scale so that it can be sold at a very low cost. An example of such product would Ford car called T-Model which was produced in large scale at a lower price. As the name suggest the shift in producers and marketers moved to the development of quality products that would satisfy the need of consumers. This is where the producers begins to develop additional features for the products to allow some modification that would make the customers to feel deeply satisfied with their purchase. Most companies did their research in product development to ensure that the problems of customers are being solved completely.


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