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机构在这里也有过错,可能是造成这种恶性循环的最大支持者之一。正如霍尔(2012)在她的文章中所解释的那样,“机构利益也会对高等教育中等级通胀的流行产生重大影响。”随着越来越多的教育经费被削减,许多学院和大学发现自己很难平衡预算。那些对自己的成绩感到满意的学生更有可能继续入学,从而填满了教室的座位和支付学费(第147页)。在我的研究中发现的一个问题是学术权利。“今天许多学生的态度是,他们有权利,因为他们是检察长。””(大厅,2012 p.148)。研究人员提出了一些令人深思的问题,这些问题是学术权利的原因。Greenberger,Greenberger,陈和法鲁贾(2008)问,“什么是培养学术自我权利的行为和态度的环境:对适度努力的期望,对学生的特殊考虑,以及老师对成绩的期望,以及当他们的期望和感知需求得不到满足时的不耐烦和愤怒?


Institutions are at fault here as well and may be the one of the biggest proponents to perpetuating the vicious circle. As Hall (2012) explains in her article, “institutional interests also tend to have a significant impact on the prevalence of grade inflation in higher education. With more and more cuts to educational funding, many colleges and universities find themselves struggling to balance their budgets. Students who are happy with their grades are students who are much more likely to remain enrolled – thereby filling classroom seats and paying tuition fees (p. 147).An issue that has revealed itself in my research is academic entitlement. “The attitude of many of the students today is that they have the right since they are the procurers.” (Hall, 2012 p.148). Thought provoking questions are asked by researchers as to the reasons of academic entitlement. As Greenberger, Lessard, Chen & Farruggia (2008) ask, “What are the circumstances that foster the behavior and attitudes of academic self-entitlement: i.e., expectations of high rewards for modest effort, expectations of special consideration and accommodation by teachers when it comes to grades, and impatience and anger when their expectations and perceived needs are not met?


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