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An alternative to balancing the concept of SD and syllabus demands would be to use mainstream schooling and private tuition sessions to go in depth on issues related to Sustainable Development. Syllabus could be revised to integrate contents of SD as compulsory and students could be encouraged to make a worthwhile contribution to society by participating in constructive activities and at the same time developing useful skills. Instead of being pressured in mastering academic subjects ‘mechanically’, they could relate to their studies with actual experiences. For instance, children could participate in campaigns for environment protection, help sensitize others on health-related issues, work on school projects related to SD and could be assessed on local and national levels. Private tuitions should thus supplement mainstream education by providing additional knowledge, and not encourage over-reliance and hamper children’s healthy development by limiting their activities.Since the ‘shadow’ depends on the mainstream system, there should be a revision of the current education system. It is only then that changes would be made in terms of the intensity and content of private tuitions.


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