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The degree of imagination is also important when it comes to model making. A modeller has to define his imagination well in order to convey the ‘objective’. This leads us to the importance of language in a model. If the model is not expressed well in any kind of language, be it symbols in maps, equations in mathematical models or even flow diagrams in human sciences, the model is not effective and can affect the search for knowledge.If models are defined as simplified representations of an aspect in the world, then what about complex systems that exist and yet cannot be put into simplified representations with a valuable objective? If models help us in better understanding of certain aspects of the world, then why can we not model human or animal behaviour? These questions cannot be directly answered but they can be resolved to some extent by expressing a narrowed definition of the term model and its limitation of application.Models are somewhat useful in areas of natural sciences and engineering as mentioned in this essay. Conversely, models are not whatsoever useful when it comes to certain areas of knowledge, for example ethics. This is because a model cannot represent moralistic situations and it is difficult to predict human behaviour. To create a model that would help resolve an ethical dilemma of what is right or wrong simply does not make sense. Human psychology cannot be predicted logically and therefore even if such a model existed it would create many conclusions and in the end the ‘objective’ of the model becomes vague. The same applies to religion where the entire area of knowledge is based on beliefs and ‘facts’ that already exist – there is no need of models for prediction; the future has already been decided. Therefore whether models help or hinder the search for knowledge significantly depends on the area of knowledge.


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