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The shared services organization provides Boeing with various specialized services  For instance, it is responsible for offering the company with international insurance services that cover the company in case of the occurrence of a risk factor.  The Shared Services is responsible for ensuring that the Security maintenance at all Boeing premises is at the highest level possible. Any premise associated with Boeing should be fully protected and most importantly the information that helps to support the continuous operation of the business.  Any other risk mitigation measures should be fully installed to prevent an occurrence of damage to the company property (Tipton, 2012).The Defense, Security and Space Corporation is very diverse since it avails most advanced solutions to the market which can be used in the designing, production process, customization and offering support to clients who purchase rotorcrafts, satellite systems, weapons and fixed wings military aircraft.  The organization is involved in providing clients with solutions to some of the major customer requirements by availing a full range portfolio which incorporates the 702 model of satellites.  Some other defense products include the AH-64 helicopter, EA-18G aircraft that is electronics and is mostly used to attack enemies, KC-46 refueling planes, P-8 anti-aircraft/ submarine atropine (derived from the 737 commercial airliners).  This organization is motivated by its capability to offer clients custom-made solutions that can address customers’ needs adequately and promptly and at the most suitable cost.


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