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这个周期三与周期一和一之间的差异是,ICT已被集成在研究课。在这,Geometer的画板作为学生活动的一部分,两个视频从YouTube下载的显示和交互白板是用来显示用于教学目的的幻灯片。此外,一个标准是用来评估学生的后测成绩。评分标准不一、二设计周期。评分是有限的,因为只有三个项目进行评估的前测和后测两个周期。尽管这种限制,比较的结果仍然是为了确保信息和通信技术的实用性,提高学生的表现。 学生的结果,讨论了在4.2.1节展出的后测成绩显著高。问题1是学生得分最高的。这意味着学生从第一次研究课就掌握了概念。本节介绍了五个图形转换从距离时间图到速度时间图。此外,有一个整体性能的改善相比,周期1和2。这种改进可能是ICT在课程中的影响的结果。


The difference between this Cycle Three with Cycle One and Two was that ICT had been integrated in the research lesson. In it, Geometer’s Sketchpad was used as part of the students’ activity, two videos downloaded from YouTube was shown and Interactive White Board was used to show the Power Point slides for teaching purposes. In addition to that, a rubric was used to assess the students’ performance on the post-test. Rubrics were not designed then in Cycle One and Two. Scoring was limited as there were only three items to be assessed in the pre-test and post-test for both cycles. Despite this limitation, comparisons of the results were still made in order to be sure of the practicality of ICT in improving students’ performance. The students’ results that were discussed in Section 4.2.1 exhibited significantly higher scores in the post-test. Question 1 was the most scored by the students. This implied that students managed to grasp the concept from the first research lesson. This lesson was on introducing the five graphical conversions from distance-time graphs to speed-time graphs. Moreover, there was an improvement in an overall performance when compared to Cycle One and Two. This improvement might have been the result of the impact of ICT during the lesson. Looking further at the rubrics results, students have shown better improvement in their scoring for each assessed dimension after their post-test. Perhaps, ICT might have improved the students’ Knowledge and Understanding on Conversion of Travel Graphs. Students also achieved better standards in the Problem Solving dimension although weaker still at their Communication Skill in which they were still having difficulties in reasoning out their own mathematical working. In response to RQ1, with the overall statistical analysis that was reported in Chapter Four, Section 4.2, it was found that the use of ICT in a Learning Study may have given a positive impact on the academic performance for all 17 students.


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