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残疾学生的另一个好处撤军计划被指示与一小群学生。根据我的经验与小组合作教学,我发现它更容易维护学生和提供一个有效的学习环境。学生可以互相之间创建一个特殊的债券,甚至开始友谊之外的小组。这些学生可能可能在通识教育教室一起工作因为他们一起工作或因为他们觉得舒适与他们合作。一群学生受益于小群体教学包括那些情绪或行为紊乱。Lo说,爱情,Cartledge(2002),“社交技能教学计划结合老师指导,课堂教学和撤军小组指令可能是最有效的手段来促进学生的积极的社会行为和调整在包容性设置”。对E / BD的学生来说,这是一个重要的概念学习和实践。通过小组指令,这些学生可以与与其他学生和工作在他们的社交技巧,但也工作和专业的老师。学生E / BD小组的指令可以体验好处,如从事更合适的社会互动与他们的同行,在同伴接纳与工作相关的活动,取得了显著的成效等(看哪,et al .,2002)。与E / BD对学生是很重要的对于这些学生提高这些技能,正确地知道如何与同龄人交流和其他个人。


Another benefit for students with disabilities in pullout programs is being instructed alongside a small group of students. Based on my experience working with small group instruction, I find it easier to maintain the students and provide an effective learning environment. The students can create a special bond between each other and maybe even start a friendship outside of the small group. These students might be likely to work together in the general education classrooms either because they work well together or because they feel comfortable working with them.One group of students who benefits from small group instruction includes those who have emotionally or behaviorally disturbed. According to Lo, Loe, Cartledge (2002), “Social skills instruction program combining teacher-directed, classroom-based instruction and pullout small-group instruction may be the most effective means to promote students’ positive social behaviors and adjustment within inclusive settings”. For students who are E/BD, this is an important concept to learn and practice. By being in a small group instruction, these students could relate and work on their social skills with other students, but also work close with a teacher who is specialized. Students who are E/BD who are in small group instruction can experience benefits such as engaging in more appropriate social interactions with their peers, making significant gains in peer acceptance during work-related activities, etc (Lo, et al., 2002). For students with E/BD it is important for these students to improve these skills and properly know how to interact with their peers and other individuals as well.


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