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Special education continues to be changed and improved as the years go on. Students with disabilities are now included in the general education classes and curriculum. These same students are now included in statewide standardize tests. Some have adaptations to these tests, but most students with disabilities do not have any. A big change and improvement in public schools is the requirement to have inclusion classes and intervention classes for students with disabilities.When I was in elementary school, I was in a pullout program for reading and spelling almost up until the 7th grade. I was always an awful speller, hard trouble with reading words that I have never seen before, and also had trouble with reading comprehension. This has still to this day been carried along with me. I look back and I wonder how effective the pull out programs were and what the main purposes of them were. Being placed in the 4th grade reading intervention this semester reminded me of all of the years I spent in pull out programs. I can picture myself sitting along the students reading simple books and receiving extra help on assignments and tests, while also being made fun of because I was a poor reader.Although special education is trying to have full inclusion for most students with disabilities, it is important to note that some students may not be benefiting from inclusion classrooms. Special educators are to have a least restrictive environment for all students, but some students with disabilities are not receiving a least restrictive environment because the students often being bullied, left behind, not receiving extra attention. After my experience and current placement, I believe that pull out programs are effective for students with disabilities because they can receive extra help/intervention, work in small group instruction, and relate to other students who are in the small group instruction.


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