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The teenagers or the adolescences will be able to develop with their age mates and reason properly. This helps them become more responsible, accountable and generally reasonable children in the society. They know how to relate to others, the challenges in the society and make realistic decisions. By supporting your child from early age, this will assist the child in developing and growing steadily in the cognitive development. This also helps the parents or teacher know more about the child and create an environment where the child feels accepted and understood therefore it is easy for the teenager to open up even more (Fieldman and Elliott, 2006).The adolescent period can be very challenging and confusing if not properly advised and prepared for. The teenagers should be prepared in advance for the challenges ahead of them by their parents and other people in the society like the school and church. The teenagers should be involved in activities that open their eyes to what they should be facing as time progresses on. These activities and or programs should help them also make friends and exchange ideas with other teenagers from different social backgrounds, different races, different religions so that they can accept them selves and know how to relate with others of the same age brackets with them. These activities and programs will also help them recognize who they are and what they want to be in future.


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