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在工作的世界中使用人际技巧。技术准备计划是另一个学术计划,旨在帮助高中学生通过职业发展过程。该程序是一个大专学校和/或学徒计划合作伙伴(zunker,2006,p. 427)。在第一年学生接受理论在一个特定的职业领域如汽车,然后在第二年他们运用所学到的技术准备计划。例如,汽车理论放入学校核心学者和这样做的好处是,社区学院已经与高中将把这些课程学分(zunker,2006,p. 427)。Zunker(2006,p.426)状态的技术准备的主要焦点是有高中生采取严格的课程,他们可以是第二十一世纪的竞争做好准备。最后,为整个学校组织一个职业日可以非常强大。学生能够听演讲并与在特定的职业领域的一个成人的个人接触(布朗,2007,p.191)。学生可以调查他们想看什么职业,从调查结果中选择了五个他们愿意听的演讲者。在事业日加入的另一个组成部分是让父母参与其中,这样他们就可以远离孩子的事业发展.


interpersonal skill are used in the world of work. The Tech-Prep Program is yet another academic program that is designed to help a high school student through the career development processes. The program is a partnership with post-secondary school and/or the apprenticeship program (Zunker, 2006, p. 427). In the first years students receive theory in a particular career area such as automotives and then in the second year they apply what they have learned through the Tech-Prep program. For instance, automotive theories are placed into the schools core academics and the benefit of this is that the community colleges that have partnered with the high school will take these classes as college credit (Zunker, 2006, p. 427). As Zunker (2006, p.426) states the main focus of Tech-Prep is to have high school students take rigors courses so that they can be competitive and ready for the 21st century. Finally, organizing a Career Day for the entire school can be very powerful. Students are able to listen to speakers and make personal contact with an adult in that specific career field (Brown, 2007, p.191). Students can take a survey of what occupations they would like to see and from the results of that survey choose five speakers that they would like to listen to. Anther component that can be added to career day is to get parents involved, so that they can be apart of their child’s career development


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