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Our country lives in an information age that is characterized by the industry fields and professional careers that comprise its core work force. As such employers will be looking for people who have earned college degrees to fill their available positions. An ever increasing amount of career fields that in the past did not require a degree now do. This increased education requirement will ensure companies are able to compete globally. As such our nation must find ways to increase the number of students who seek and successfully earn college degrees.The scenario asks if the school system can be held either legally or morally responsible for ensuring that all graduating students be able to adequately read and write. First lets deal with the morally responsibility. The term responsibility cannot be used to fully describe what we are dealing with here. If a child fails all of his or her classes for a given year, who is responsible? One would have to assess the situation and assign levels of responsibility to all parties involved. Starting with the student you would have to determine if he or she made an honest effort to comprehend the information taught. Then if they found themselves falling behind, did they attempt to take advantage of any extra help made available like after-school tutoring programs. You would then have to look at the parents and determine what percentage of responsibility they must bear for the student’s failure. Was it a single parent home where it may have not been possible to help the student with his school work? Did they ensure the student maintained adequate attendance? Did they offer encouragement to the student during his or her struggles? So that leaves the school system itself. Did the program of instruction they offered enable the student to learn. Did they attempt to intervene when they determined that the student was falling behind and offer additional help? Did they bring to bear all available resources to assist in teaching the student? Given this, how can one possibly accurately assign levels of responsibility or blame


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