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要开始发展在瓜达拉哈拉和在Galway的爱尔兰国立大学的学术课程(nuig Iteso任何之前)学校花费了大量的时间去了解对方。在nuig合伙的情况下开始在学校会议通过三分之一方再简单探索潜在的机会在几年的高级官员。同样的事情发生与Iteso。双方学校的代表第一次见到通过耶稣会学院和大学协会主办的会议上,该瓜达拉哈拉然后一年以后,在一个iajbs教育会议。这导致了进一步的接触和访问。在这些会议和社会交往中,双方都了解了人民和他们的文化,形成了信任关系。在第一种情况下,这些接触导致联合爱尔兰研究程序在线nuig和瑞吉斯大学之间形成。该计划被设计为小,以发展工作关系,并继续。后来,该计划导致开发和实施的在线研究生学位在软件工程。在Iteso关系导致在实施联合MBA学位,从学校的学生,可以通过在家机构然后一系列在其他课程以核心课程赚取每个额外的程度。现在这种关系允许Iteso和瑞吉斯大学看进入合办学位拉丁美国休息。


Prior to starting to develop any academic programs with ITESO in Guadalajara and the National University of Ireland in Galway (NUIG) both schools spent considerable time getting to know each other. In the case of NUIG the partnership began with senior officials at both schools meeting through a third party and then simply exploring potential opportunities over a couple of years. The same occurred with ITESO. Representatives of both schools first met through a conference sponsored by AJCU and AUSCAL in Guadalajara and then about a year later at an IAJBS educational conference. That led to further contacts and visits. During these meetings and social contacts, both parties got to know the people and their cultures, and developed a trusting relationship. In the first case, these contacts led to the formation of a joint Irish Studies program online between NUIG and Regis University. The program was designed to be small in order to develop a working relationship and has continued. Later that program led to the development and implementation of an online graduate degree in software engineering. The relationship at ITESO resulted in implementation of a joint MBA degree where students from both schools can earn an additional degree from each by taking core courses at the home institution and then a series of courses at the other. This relationship is now allowing ITESO and Regis University to look at moving into a jointly offered degree for the rest of Latin America.


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