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Even though it will not impact negatively the positive impact is always there. Online boutique can boost up the Brand awareness, Brand value, Brand positioning which in turn leads to brand equity.Loyal customers, new customers or the people who are gifted will get attracted to this new product and the company which in turn increases company’s reputation. As online boutique offers the gift hampers which are very expensive to the reach of normal class they would like to try the products available in stores for relatively cheaper price which in turn creates brand awareness, creates more brand value and positions itself in the market which leads to brand equity. In fact it looks like its ferrero’s new strategy of value innovation to come out of competition of chocolate brands red oceans which includes fierce competition with Cadbury, nestles or mars. So it’s aiming to create significant leap in value for customers as well as company who will make its competitors feel obsolete to create a contested market place with positive impacts on the other products in stores and supermarket to boost up.As Australia is a very posh, urban, full of literates, diversified and aware of western culture the idea of opening online boutique was breakthrough for the company that targets the niche market. Through the discussion above it is implied that the online boutique will not have any negative impact on the other business segments as the distribution channels for online boutique and stores products are different and both focus on different needs of consumers. Store products focus on daily needs of a person where as online boutique on special needs like gift items. Positively it creates brand awareness for all products.


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