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My personal SWOT analysis will help me to stay motivated and also shows the factors I have to avoid to in order not to fail my course. During my course I can review my SWOT analysis and see for any changes that might have happened. I do not think that SWOT will be main resource for motivation; I believe that is not purpose of SWOT analysis. It is good to carry out SWOT analysis, to see what we are good at what we need to improve in, what opportunities could be lying in front of us and what threats to watch out for but regarding the motivation it is not the tool to include. I myself have enough motivation to go through management studies however there should be sufficient guidance from tutor. SWOT analysis could be however use as tool for improvement looking at weaknesses and threats I could work out development action plan for myself to maximise my opportunities to successfully complete my studies, achieve qualification which I desire and become even more successful in managerial role. The development action plan on my weaknesses would include improvement of time management, detailed plan of actions for each day, let’s say week by weak would give me an idea where I am investing my time and would also give me an overview of possible time savings I could make to gain more time for studies, lack of knowledge could be improved by reading more books on management subject, or prolonging time I spend reading each day, online research, reading magazines on management subjects, or attending management and leadership workshops, or approaching one of experience managers and asking them to mentor me. Above actions would help me to eliminate fear of failure. The last weakness could be eliminated in time by reading books and magazines my English will naturally improve. Looking at my SWOT analysis helps me to ensure I will not give in to my weaknesses – first one lack of time – I will always ensure I have enough time to study my course materials, enough time to conduct research for my assignment and enough time to complete my assignment. I have also prepared study calendar where I have 16 units spread across whole year to give me guidance on when I need to complete each unit in order to be able to successfully complete my course. Lack of knowledge is not negative weakness because while studying learning materials or conducting research I will be able to gain new knowledge and improve with every unit. Fear of failure is natural and it will take passing on first assignment in order to go away. This course is fairly expensive and I am building my future on the fact that I will be able to complete it by August next year. The only way I can fight fear of failure is to put extra effort into studying and assignments and don’t give up regarding ‘failed’ mark again.


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