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我们在圣马洛的一夜后,我们前往诺曼底。我们参观了诺曼底博物馆,然后去了美国的海滩上的纪念。纪念馆极为情绪化,但同时宁静。而在海滩上,我想象的大屠杀发生在我站。我简直不敢相信,在沙子和水沾满鲜血的70年前,还有成千上万的尸体躺在沙滩上。当我绕着纪念碑走去的时候,我看着墓地,看到成千上万的人在这个重大的日子里战斗死亡。而行走在我看到一个墓碑上有犹太星上而不是十字架的墓地,我立刻感到一种感情的洪水,我认为当希特勒杀死那么多犹太人,犹太战斗和死亡为美,我会永远记住图像和将永远心存感激士兵们为我们所做的,然后我们回到圣马洛的一个晚上的睡眠,次日早上开始我们的巴黎之旅,城市的灯光。当我们进入城市,我们立即去酒店,然后去吃饭。我们曾在Chez Clement的晚餐,这是远离凯旋门的步骤。晚饭后,我们走进弧线,又走了一步又一步,直到我们到达山顶。在顶部的弧形,我们看到了全景的巴黎,埃菲尔铁塔焕发的距离,和巴黎的夜生活开始。每天晚上,埃菲尔铁塔闪烁,成千上万的蓝色灯光照亮和持续一分钟,而在ARC我们目睹了这一点。这是毫无疑问的最美丽的东西,我会看到。我心里充满了喜悦,那一刻我就知道我从未想过离开这个国家。


After our night in St.Malo we traveled to Normandy. We toured the Normandy museum and then went to the American Memorial on the beaches. The memorial was extremely emotional, but serene at the same time. While on the beaches I imagined the carnage that took place where I stood. I could not believe that just 70 years before the sand and water was stained red with blood and their were thousands of bodies laying on the beach. As I walked around the memorial I looked upon the cemetery and saw the thousands of people that fought and died on the fateful day. While walking through the cemetery I saw one tombstone with a Jewish star on top instead of a cross, I instantly felt a flood of emotion, I thought that while Hitler was killing so many Jewish, the Jewish were fighting and dying for the United States, I will forever remember that image and will always be grateful for what the soldiers have done for us.We then returned to St.Malo for another night of sleep and the next morning began our journey to Paris, the city of lights. When we entered the city we immediately went to our hotel and then went to dinner. We had dinner at Chez Clement, which is located steps away from the Arc de Triomphe. After out dinner we went into the Arc and went up yet another endless flight of steps until we reached the top. At the top of the Arc we saw a panoramic view of the Paris, the Eiffel Tower glowing the distance, and Parisian nightlife beginning. Every night on the hour the Eiffel Tower sparkles, thousands of blue lights illuminate and last for one minute, while at the Arc we witnessed this. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful things I will ever see. I filled me with delight and at that moment I knew that I never wanted to leave the country.


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