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Nutrition is not just a key component in tackling obesity, but is in itself a key area of interest when considering public health outcomes. It is estimated that up to a third of deaths from cancer may be attributable to unhealthy diets . In addition to this, the World Health Organisation accredit almost 5% of the overall disease burden in industrialised nations to poor nutrition, specifically to a low intake of fruit and vegetables, and achieving an intake of 5 fruit and vegetables portions per day is viewed as second only to a reduction in smoking when preventing cancer. It is also well documented that an intake of 5 fruit and vegetable portions will reduce the risk of stroke by 6% and the risk of heart disease by 4%, will contribute to other nutritional goals such as weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight, and will contribute significantly to controlling diabetes and lowering blood pressure. Research in this area has shown that when experimental groups increased their vitamin and mineral intake by either increasing their dietary intake of fruit and vegetables or by taking dietary supplements which contained isolated vitamins and minerals, the isolated dietary supplements did not show the same beneficial effects as an increased level of fruit and vegetable intake, although this was a short-term study and therefore this data does not indicate the long-term impact that additional dietary supplements may have.


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