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该馆员写的文章还指出,学生很善于发现非法形式的电子媒体,并直接输入他们的PowerPoint或多媒体项目。它还指出,因为这些项目通常是在家里做,没有从图书馆员谁可以帮助教给学生关于版权和剽窃的监督。就在最近,有一个国家的授权,在这个图书馆工作,这表明,每个学区将实施互联网安全课程。有图书馆必须是我安全认证。他们的县有一个非常严格的可接受的使用政策,所有工作人员必须签署。课堂教师需要执行10%或30秒规则使用专有数字媒体。总之,他们谈论他们的公平使用协议和版权法和来源的重要性。事实上,在Thomas Dale没有学生可以复印纸,要么自己或兄弟姐妹的论文,当然在过去,或者从网上的消息,因为学校有一个数据库,所有以前的文件都提交给学校,当然他们有一个程序,搜索这个数据库和互联网类似的论文。文章说,这是一个强有力的激励学生不要抄袭。这当然是因为学生不想被抓住,不是因为他们有罪或拥有任何道德责任不是抄袭的感觉。当我读到这里,我认为这是很酷的东西来试验,我发现了一个类似的节目叫毒蛇和我有很多乐趣,看看作者自己抄袭。在这所学校,他们也教学生如何决定你应该分享什么信息和诚实和诚实的重要性。这样,学生知道如何恰当地使用社交网站,而不会散布虚假的谣言。简言之,他们似乎已经非常激进地捍卫版权的所有形式。他们不是用道德来保护版权,而是用威胁和胁迫的手段来捍卫它。我们看到了这些战术的呼喊声。他们靠什么教学生是怎么不被抓的。


The article written by that librarian also notes that students are very good at finding illegal forms of electronic media and importing them directly into their PowerPoint or multimedia projects. It also points out that because these projects are usually done at home, there is no oversight from librarians who can help teach the students about copyright and plagiarism. Just recently there has been a state mandate, where this librarian works, that states that every school district will implement the curriculum of Internet safety. There libraries must be I safe certified. Their County has a very strict acceptable use policy which all staff must sign. Classroom teachers need to enforce the 10% or 30 second rule for using proprietary digital media. In short, they talk about their fair use agreements and copyright laws and the importance of sighting sources. In fact at Thomas Dale no student can copy a paper, either their own or a siblings paper that took the course in the past, or from online sources, because the school has a database with all previous papers ever submitted to that school and of course they have a program that will search this database and the Internet for similar papers. The article said it was a powerful incentive for students not to plagiarize. This is of course because the students do not want to get caught, not because they feel guilty or possess any ethical responsibility not to plagiarize. When I read this I thought this would be something cool to test so I found a similar program called Viper and I have had a lot of fun checking to see if the author themselves have plagiarized. At this school they also teach students about how to decide what information you should share and about the importance of being truthful and honest. This way the students know how to use social networking sites appropriately and not spread false rumours. In short it seems they have become very militant to defend copyright in all its forms. Instead of teaching ethics to protect copyright they have used a campaign of threats and coercion to defend it. We have seen the shout comings of these tactics. What they are rely teaching the students is how not to get caught.


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