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你有没有去度假,不想回来?我在2010六月去了法国,那是我去过的最美丽的地方。我和我的高中法语班一起,我们带了十八个学生和六个成人。我们参观了美丽的村庄,高耸的教堂和雄伟的宫殿。这次旅行永远改变了我对世界的看法,我意识到世界上还有比我们国家更多的东西,美丽的地方等着我们,只是一个地方,远离。 我们的旅程开始于我们的高中停车场,在那里我们装着行李,坐了4个小时的巴士去华盛顿哥伦比亚特区,一次在机场,我们在机场坐了几个小时,直到我们的飞机开始登机。我们登上飞机,坐上了座位,乘务员指示我们采取安全措施,然后等待飞机开始飞往法国的旅程。飞行员穿过对讲机告诉我们,我们现在开始我们的扬升。飞机很快就在跑道上飞驰而过,我被推回到了我的座位上,然后我们在空中,当我离开地面的时候,我感到我的胃在上升,我知道下一次我踏上地球,我就在法国。


Have you ever went on a vacation and never wanted to come back? I traveled to France in June of 2010, and it was the most beautiful place I have ever been to. I went with my high school French class and we took along eighteen students and six adults. We visited beautiful villages, towering cathedrals, and majestic palaces. This trip forever changed the way that I view the world, I realized that there is so much more to the world than our country, and that beautiful places await us just a place ride away Our journey began in our high school parking lot where we loaded our bags and took a 4 hour bus ride to Washington D.C., once in the D.C. airport we sat in the airport for several hours until it was time for our plane to begin boarding. We boarded our plane and took our seats, the flight attendants instructed us on safety measures and we then waited for our plane to begin its journey to France. The pilot came over the intercom and informed us that we would now begin our ascension. The plane was soon speeding down the runway, and I was being pushed back into my seat, and then we were in the air, I felt my stomach lift as we left the ground and I knew that the next time I step on earth, I would be in France.


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