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Moreover, apart from the classroom environment, the syllabus, and the manner the classroom is managed are central factors that contribute to the quality of education that a student receives. Like Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), I think that small classes, consisting of fifteen to twenty students are ideal for a good teaching. As this allows for a more friendly relationship between the teacher and the students and there is more time for individualized instruction that would allow the students better success.A teaching philosophy gives insight into your basic beliefs of teaching and learning. It reveals the values you wish and want to convey to your learners. My beliefs about learning and teaching are directly linked to my own experiences as a trainee and a student as well. For the last two weeks as an observer in the teaching field, as a pre-service teacher, and as being a student for numerous years, I have realised that there are four aspects that make someone an effective teacher: teacher-student relationship, communication, teaching techniques, and continuous learning. A positive and safe environment is conducive to effective learning. A good teacher must possess teaching skills and the ability to effectively teach all kind of students. With the socio-economic change and the availability of new information in the field of special education, it is imperative to stay up to date and open minded. The values I want to transmit to my students are that education is power and knowledge is essential. Through education anyone can accomplish anything in life.I do believe that not all children are able to attain the same educational level but I do feel that every child has his own way of understanding things that make sense to him. I hope to emphasize different ways to learn in my classroom which may include visual, verbal and kinaesthetic. I plan to incorporate various methods throughout my teaching experience. I want my students to be able to learn in every way they are capable of.


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