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Another argument gun right activists make to call for guns on campus is to protect women from sexual assaults. They argue perpetrators would less likely to attack women if they knew women around them might also be armed. Also, victims could have a chance to shoot attackers, assuming they would be able to use it effectively to protect themselves. However, reliable social science research indicates that based on the way victims typically react to these experiences, solving campus sexual assaults by arming women with firearms will not work. Studies show that 89 percent of campus sexual assaults involve drugs and/or alcohol (Krebs, Lindquist and Warner) and 90 percent of college sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows (Sampson 6). In such situations, victims would likely have a difficult time pulling out the gun to someone they associate with or when they are in frozen state due to drugs, alcohol or tonic immobility.Even after looking at all the evidence there are still people who believe that firearms should be allowed on campus. Their argument could be valid if we consider the broader legal rights to carry guns if one has gone through mental health screenings, had extensive trainings and passed all the tests before obtaining the license. It would be ideal if every gun license holder had gone through many difficult exams to determine if he/ she is qualified to use guns. However, it is easier than before to obtain a license in many states these days, raising the question if those license holders are well-trained and mentally stable or not.


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