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谈到青年布朗的背景,可以说这个故事清楚地提供了有关主要人物及其一生活动的历史洞察力的信息。因此,“Young Goodman Brown”发生在第十七世纪的清教徒时期。他住在塞勒姆村,马萨诸塞州附近的老异教徒的森林。这个信息给读者关于残暴和隔离的想法因为当时塞勒姆村相关的东西,这是不是与基督教或其他一些“好”的东西。此外,森林设置(野生和异教)支持的概念,邪恶和巫术弥漫的故事。在这种情况下,林是一个魔鬼的住所的象征。当时,人们认为树林是魔鬼的栖息地,另一方面,“摇马赢家”并没有给读者提供关于故事的清晰信息(日期或时间)。我们可以知道故事发生在英国之后的第一次世界大战的地方,这个故事发生在一个未知的位置只包括一家(或附近的伦敦),林肯郡,伦敦的里士满公园,汉普夏县。此外,该故事的作者讲述了在利物浦,萨里,南约克郡,以及更多的主要比赛在英国举行。


Talking about the setting of Young Goodman Brown, it is possible to say that the story clearly provides the information on the historical insight into the major characters and their lifetime activities. Thus, “Young Goodman Brown” takes place in the 17th century during the Puritan Time Period. He lives in the Salem Village, Massachusetts near the old heathen forest. This information gives the reader an idea about deviltry and isolation because at that time the Salem Village was associated with things, which were not connected to Christianity or some other “good” things. In addition, the forest setting (wild and heathen) supports the idea of evil and witchcraft that pervades the story. In this case, the forest setting is a symbol of the devil’s abode. At that time, it was believed that the woods were the devil’s habitat.On the other hand, “The Rocking-Horse Winner” does not provide the reader with the clear information (date or time) on the story. We can just know that the story takes place in England immediately after World War I. The places where the story took place include only a home in an unknown location (near or in London), Lincolnshire, London’s Richmond Park, and Hampshire County. In addition, the author of the story tells about the major races in England that were held in Liverpool, Surrey, South Yorkshire, and more.


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