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During the instruction students’ attention is the most important factor. Because of this I should use not only lecturing but also demonstrations, analogy, and questioning methods. Also students’ needs and interest also determines the method that I have to use. Because of these I will use videos and power point slides very often. Since students can easily understand if they can see what is going on and where the subject is used in dial life. Because of these facts I will start my lecture asking questions to motivate the students to think and giving examples, making analogies and watching videos, we will try to find the answers with class by using inquiry. Then with the help of these activities I will mention the definitions and we will discuss daily life usages with class. After that some problems are solved. At the end pf this unit I will give a handout that contains the important things about these topics and we make a discussion on them. After these I will make a mini quiz that shoes the feedback of student’s information Using media and materials.Before lesson I will be sure that the technological devices and chemicals are present at school. Then I will check the videos and my slides if they are suitable for my students and my objectives. In addition to that I will check my handouts that are adequate for all class and I also control my recalling notes.


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