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作为母语者,英语是我的第一语言,我一直住在英国西北部,父母都来自同一地区。因此,我的大部分影响来自这些环境和家庭。在切斯特附近长大,我不会说我有很重的北方口音,和其他北方地区相比,我很低调。然而,一个对我的口音和方言有很大影响的城市是利物浦。在利物浦,只有15分钟的车程,我到利物浦口音,经常接触与朋友和家人在那里生活和工作。在语言功能方面,润泽的是现代北方/利物浦英语最清晰的语音特点。这润泽的过程发生的基本爆破音的发行是擦音和破擦音和停止常数弱和柔软。例如,经常可以听到锁的声音像海湾,特别是影响/ T /。根据honeybone文献(2001)这润泽的是利物浦英语及其邻近地区没有其他英语变体具有如此广泛的工艺独特。进一步建议由Kortmann和厄普顿/ /,/ /和/ K /可塞擦音在所有的位置和最终位置可实现全擦音(Kortmann Schnieder,2004)。这些严重吸气音素导致诸如“工作”的声音[ WɛːKχ]。这种独特性可以解释为声门的形式是在英国北部的几乎每一个其他城市地区发现的缺乏(休斯和Trudgill 1996:93)。


As a native speaker, English is my first language and I have always lived in the North West of England with both parents coming from the same region. Therefore, the majority of my influences have come from these surroundings and family. Growing up near Chester I wouldn’t say I have a heavy northern accent and is quite muted compared that of other northern regions. However, a city that has a had a great effect on my accent and dialect is Liverpool. With Liverpool, only being a 15 minute drive I come into contact with the scouse accent quite frequently with friends and family living and working there.In terms of linguistic features, lenition is one of the clearest phonological characteristics of modern northern/Liverpool English. This lenition process happens whereby underlying plosives are released as fricatives and affricatives and stop constants are weaker and softer. For example, it is common to hear lock sound like loch and particularly affects /t/. According to the literature of Honeybone (2001) this lenition is unique to Liverpool English and its neighbouring areas with no other English variety exhibiting such extensive process. Further suggested by Kortmann and Upton the /t/, /p/ and /k/ can be affricated in all positions and in final position may be realised as full fricatives (Kortmann and Schnieder,2004). These heavily aspirated phonemes result in words such “work” to sound [wɛːkχ]. This uniqueness could account for the lack of glottal forms which are found in almost every other urban area in the North of England (Hughes and Trudgill 1996:93).


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