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幸运的是,她的小学老师有一个教学助理,碰巧说了她的方言,这大大有助于她的英语习得,因为她有人可以打破她所理解的语言中的语法和词汇的困难。由于在家里没有说英语,学校是她学习英语的唯一媒介,这种支持系统不仅提高了她的英语水平,而且提高了她的自信心,与母语人士交流的能力激发了她学习英语的热情。她很快就发现自己在看英语电视节目和读英语书。她11岁离开小学时,英语说得很流利。经过两年的学习和英语课程的结合,她的英语已经达到了一个高级水平。一般来说,年轻的学习者对二语习得持积极的态度,并且很有上进心。尽管研究显示年轻学习者动机开始时非常高的降低(尼科洛夫和djigunovi’c 2006),英语已经成为一种对简的热情。虽然这是她早年的必要工具,她非常喜欢在GCSE学习英语语言文学和水平和计划未来从事英语文学的高等教育方案。


Fortunately, her primary school teacher had a teaching assist who happened to speak her dialect, this greatly aided her English language acquisition, as she had someone who could break down the difficult grammar and vocabulary in a language she understood. As English was not spoken in her home, school was her only medium for learning English and this support system not only improved her English but also her confidence, the ability to interact with native speakers drove her passion to want to learn English. She quickly found herself watching television programmes in English and reading English books. By the time she left primary school at 11, she was fluent in English. After two years of schooling and a combination of English language lessons, her English was already at an advanced level.Generally young learners have more of a positive attitude towards SLA and are highly motivated. Despite studies showing motivation in young learners beginning very high and decreasing over time (Nikolov and Djigunovi’c 2006), English has become somewhat of a passion for Jane. Although it was a necessary tool for her early years, she thoroughly enjoyed studying English Language and Literature at GCSE and A Level and plans to pursue a higher education programme in English Literature in the future.


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