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这些程序还可以提供如何避免成为网络欺凌目标的提示。鼓励学生不要向他们不认识的人透露个人信息。众所周知,网络欺凌者会在网上冒充可信的朋友,并欺骗目标,揭露潜在的令人尴尬的信息。此外,学生将被告知在18岁以下的未成年人通过手机或电子邮件发送或发送裸照的潜在法律影响,即所谓的“sexting”(Cox Communications, 2009)。教学生如何保护自己,尽管科技的巧妙运用降低了他们将来成为受害者的可能性。随着社交媒体的热情,教师们开始使用Facebook等网站为学生提供一种有吸引力的教育体验,而不是在学校(Diamanduros, 2008)。这个教室的扩建将要求学生们“朋友”这个网站,让老师们可以进入学生账户。这里的重点不是间谍,而是为教师创造一个在线的存在,这传达了一个信息,即学生将对他们的在线行为负责,就像在现实生活中一样。这将允许管理员适当处理违反更新的学生行为规范的网络交互。通过创建一个在线学习环境,学生被鼓励参与和分享他们的想法,同时避免不负责任的行为。


These programs can also offer tips on how to avoid becoming a target for cyberbullying. Students are encouraged to never reveal personal information to anyone that they do not know. Cyberbullies have been known to pose as trusted friends online and trick targets into revealing potentially embarrassing information. Also, students will be informed of the potential legal implications of sending or transmitting nude pictures of minors under the age of 18 through cell phones or e-mail messages in what is known as “sexting” (Cox Communications, 2009). Teaching students how to protect themselves though smart usages of technology decreases the chance that they will be victimized in the future. With the enthusiasm behind social media, teachers have begun using sites like Facebook to provide an engaging educational experience for students when they are not at school (Diamanduros, 2008). This extension of the classroom will require students to “friend” the site giving teachers access to student accounts. The point here is not to spy, but to create an online presence for teachers which sends the message that students will be held accountable for their online behavior just as in real life. This will allow administrators to appropriately handle internet interactions that are in violation with the updated student codes of conduct. By creating an online learning environment students are encouraged to participate and share their ideas while refraining from acting irresponsibly.


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