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Pupils are not creative enough to think out of box, creating 2-D sketching from basic shapes. They can think of objects with basic shapes like just television and just bus, but find it hard to imagine objects with combinations of basic shapes. Some pupils have less experience to handle the task alone as I requested different ideas from each child and no work should be the same. But I still found that some pupils totally loss of idea and try to do the same as other child. They are more prone to reception learning as they are being told “Teacher will and should teach you.” This is the typical belief of every parent where I too believe that children need more guidance in the early stage.They show lack of interest and low desire to make the work perfect unless to the point where I promise to lend them marker pen, they show some eagerness to perform on the task. I realise the stimulus is very much needed like reward and to show them some best works so that they have the belief “I can do that!” However, I only have limited marker pens.My tables’ arrangement is ideal for individual learning or pair work, but this will only benefits pupils who can work alone, but not the attention seeker. The latter will always find excuses to walk around to ask me and their classmates. When I walk around, I make effort to stop at each pupil, to comment on the child’s work and to suggest enhancement. Some pupils did perfectly and thus they have more idle time. I told them to coach the slow progressing ones.


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