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Music pedagogical systems were created because of the need for a pedagogical method, of a more scientific and complete approach for teaching music, which will combine music with movement , for an easier comprehension of musical concepts in the early years of children. According to Nye & Nye (1985), the comprehension and understanding of music, is the result of cognitive, psychomotor and emotional combination and is not possible for one of them to operate without the other. The importance of movement in music, has been established empirically but also by researchers (Siemens, 1969; Moore, 1984). Music could be more understandable, when children participated through music actions and movements. The pedagogical base of the music-movement system is influenced by the theory of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1764-1827), which rejects memorization and repetition and substitutes them with observation, experimentation and cognition (Aντωνακακης, 1996). According to this theory, great importance is given to children’s mood for initiative, the development of creativity, imagination, self-activity and participation in team work. This method emphasizes not only cognitional learning fermentation, but also physical and is based on children’s kinetic activities.


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