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确定目标市场是合作的一个重要方面。另一个必须问和回答的问题是谁负责市场营销和招聘。在阿尔斯特合作的情况下,谈判达成的协议,表示在学校会做营销,瑞吉斯大学将负责大部分的努力。爱尔兰将对WebCT平台举办的课程。这是一个问题,因为瑞吉营销团队没有经验,销售程序在另一个国家,并发挥追赶。同时,nuig Iteso每个学校市场,自己的市场,这似乎是一个更好的办法。这也意味着每所学校确定谁的目标市场将。在阿尔斯特协作是瑞吉斯大学的作用确定欧洲市场被证明是比想象的要困难得多的情况下。必须考虑在涉及的国家进行市场研究。这些研究需要包括谁是潜在的学生,他们的公司,公司是否协助支付学费,以及学费范围将是。如果合作将提供超越两国的学位课程,全球的考虑是什么。协议之间的合作伙伴需要什么是上市。这里又是文化差异和地区差异的一部分。在美国工作的东西不一定会在拉丁美洲工作。


Determining the target market is a significant aspect of the collaboration. The other question that must be asked and answered is who is responsible for doing the marketing and recruitment. In the case of the Ulster collaboration, the negotiated agreement stated that while both schools would do marketing, Regis University would be responsible for most of the effort. Ulster would host the courses on its WebCT platform. This proved to be a problem since the Regis marketing team had no experience selling a program in another country and had to play catch up. With both ITESO and NUIG each school markets to its own market, which seems to be a better approach. This also means that each school identifies who the target market will be. In the case of the Ulster collaboration it was Regis University’s role to identify the European market which proved to be much more difficult than thought. Consideration must be given to doing marketing studies in the countries to be involved. Such studies need to include who are the potential students, their companies, whether the companies assist in paying the tuition, and what the tuition range will be. If the collaboration will include offering the degree program beyond the two countries, what are the global considerations. Agreement is needed between the partners on what is to be marketed. Here again cultural differences and regional differences play a part. What may work in the U.S. is not necessarily what will work in Latin America.


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