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挑战在于知道包含多少内容以及包含哪些内容。虽然有许多重要的问题,如女权主义、暴力、环境、和平等,这些课程可以集中注意力,但也有一些其他的复杂问题没有相应的关联。课程的目的是促进在关键问题上的互动和辩论,这将使儿童能够在课堂之外寻求信息,阅读和保持信息。换句话说,教师们将缩小课堂与外部世界之间的差距。可持续发展要求改变行为和制度。首先,教育工作者需要将他们的课程转换成一个平台,让学生通过他们的学术经历成为“SD的变革推动者”。为了实现这一目标,教育工作者应该教学生在他们的个人生活和职业生活中包括SD (Lozano-Garcia et al., 2008)。讨论必须面向教育学生采取可持续的道路。应该首先了解许多因素,例如自然资源利用的趋势、气候变化、贫穷、人口增长、传播疾病如艾滋病毒/艾滋病、改变科学知识和改变价值。


The challenge consists of knowing how much of the content to include and what exactly to include. While there are many important issues like feminism, violence, the environment, peace, on which courses could focus, there are other complex issues which do not relate accordingly. Courses would be geared towards facilitating interactions and debates on key issues, which would enable the child to seek information outside the classroom, read and stay informed. In other words, teachers would bridge the gap between the classroom and the outside world.Sustainable Development requires a change in behavior and institutions. To start with, educators will be required to convert their courses into a platform for students to become ‘Change agents for SD’ through their academic experience. To achieve this, educators should teach students to include SD in their personal and professional life (Lozano-Garcia et al., 2008). Discussion must be geared towards educating pupils to adopt a sustainable path. Many factors should primarily be understood, such as trends in natural resource use, climate change, poverty, population growth, spreading diseases such as HIV/AIDS, changing scientific knowledge and changing values.


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