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If you have something in your lesson this is a good song to use. This is how the song goes like this. [Inside, outside up and down long and short smile and frown hot and cold fast and slow how many opposites do you know?? We’re alert when it’s morning and sleep when it is night. We keep close to home will not go far out of sight. The children try to be good and not to be bad. We’re a good quantity are often in high spirits, but sometime our toys are profound but some are light too. Our toy box is sometimes unfilled when we’re having an enjoyable time playing with toys. But it’s full again when we shipshape up at the end of every day.] That is one way to get their small bodies moving, and the kindergarteners will not be so wiggly when you’re ready to be knowledgeable.In kindergarten the students may also have some home work to do. The students may have home work is really not difficult. At the start of the school year, the teachers will help the students learn how to say and write their alphabet. Some say that is too much on a little kindergartener. But it is really not. Students have to know the alphabet so when they get to first grade. They are the building blocks needed throughput their educational career.


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