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这意味着,表现良好的学校吸引了大量家长,从而提高了学费收入。在分析教育的这一方面时,我最关心的是这个过程是否达到了为学生提供最好的教育服务和平等机会的目标。要回答这个问题,我们需要识别和分析教育体系这方面的关注点,而包容就是经济革命。经济革命是欧洲工业革命的产物,它带来了治理体系的变革,使经济收益成为教育发展中的一个问题。弗里德曼(2003)在其对教育市场化的分析中也认同这一观点。他认为这种教育方式的演变是包括经济结构在内的政府结构自由化的结果(Friedman, 2003)。自由主义是卡尔•马克思(Karl Marx)在许多世纪以前预测的治理的一个方面,它将限制政府干预教育服务的提供。


This meant that Schools performing well attracted high number of parents, resulting to increased revenues from fees. In analyzing this aspect of education, my key concern is if this process meets the objective of providing the best educative services, and an equal opportunity for students.To answer this question, we need to identify and analyze the concerns of this aspect of the education system, and inclusion is economic revolution. Economic revolution came as a result of industrial revolution in Europe, and it brought changes in the systems of governance making economic gains an issue in evolution of education.Friedman (2003) in his analysis of Marketization of education agrees with this notion. He argues that the evolution of this style of education is as a result of the liberalization of the structures of government including economic structures (Friedman, 2003). Liberalism is an aspect of governance which Karl Marx, many centuries ago predicted will limit the interference of government in the provision of education services.


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