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When discussing about knowledge and learning media plays an important role in the current times because media is mixed with communication. As said that every individual wants a secret to be happy, popular, attractive, understanding, satisfied and most importantly in control. The skill that provides all these qualities is effective communication. In fact, the benefits of communication and education are so much that they cannot be listed here because this enhances so many aspects of our life. Thus technology is a medium through which an individual can polish their eminence and traits and also it nourishes the capabilities of an individual in his areas of advocacy that is advertising, marketing, public relation etc. and also enriches the education level.Basically, the aim of the education is that it should be such that it can transform and emancipate an individual and can be easily adjusted in the present social structure. From past times and even in the current times have been to provide a person or individual who is merely well informed about his surrounding is considered to be of no use in present times. The need for the current times is that a person should possess both cultural and expertise knowledge in at least one particular area of his choice. Because this knowledge and expertise will help them to make a base for a good start.


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