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的策略和方法,可以受雇于教育者可以针对特定的特征在个人或遵循一系列的方案,以便解决一些问题在一个固定的时期,尽管它必须指出,没有单一的方法接受自闭症谱系障碍的问题。应用行为分析(ABA)是一种关注学生行为的方法;它可以被描述为“…的科学程序源自行为系统的原则应用到一个有意义的程度和演示实验,采用的程序负责的改善行为”(哈德逊,2003在Ollendick和施罗德,2003,p。36套用Baer,沃尔夫和Risley,1968)。这种心理学方法试图通过观察行为(Bailey和Burch, 2002)和应用正向强化(国家自闭症协会,2015)来修正学习行为以克服既定的行为习惯(Wolpe, 1985)。利用行为主义原理的另一种方法是离散试验训练法(DTT);它利用结构化,形成常规教学和学习方法,允许学习者学习期望通过后截然不同的行为模式,为了实现自己的目标,即使阶段需要重复或需要参与进一步的试验,以巩固学习(Luiselli et al .,2008)。对于这两种方法来说,重要的是父母也要和他们的孩子互动,在家里进行类似的强化训练,这样他们就能在不同的环境中接收到一致的信息。


The strategies and approaches that can be employed by educators can target specific characteristics within individuals or follow a range of options in order to address a number of issues in a fixed period, although it must be noted that there is no single accepted way to approach the issue of ASD. Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) is a method which concentrates on pupil behaviour; it can be described as “… the science in which procedures derived from the principles of behaviour are systematically applied to a meaningful degree and to demonstrate experimentally that the procedures employed were responsible for the improvement in that behaviour” (Hudson, 2003 in Ollendick and Schroeder, 2003, p. 36 paraphrasing Baer, Wolff and Risley, 1968). This psychological approach seeks to amend learning behaviour to overcome set behavioural habits (Wolpe, 1985) through observing behaviour (Bailey and Burch, 2002) and applying positive reinforcement (National Autistic Society, 2015). Another method which makes use of behaviourist principles is that of Discrete Trial Training (DTT); it utilises a structured, routine forming approach to teaching and learning which allows learners to learn desired behaviour through following a distinct pattern in order to achieve their goals, even if stages needs to be repeated or there needs to be engagement with further trials in order to consolidate learning (Luiselli et al., 2008). It is important to both of these methods that parents also interact with their children, engaging in similar reinforcement routines at home, so that they are in receipt of consistent messages at the different environments in which they spend their lives.


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