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Nations continued to modernize and grow. They started to colonize since they believed the weaker nations could benefit. The idea of survival of the fittest was a major factor in the race to overseas colonies. The more colonies they obtained the more powerful and strongest nation they were. They were also helping out the lower ethnicities in modernizing and becoming stronger.Nations began to exclude and classify people. Many disabled people also effected greatly. They were now viewed a weak. They were now no longer as accepted as everyone else. A disabled person was no looked down upon and not treated as an equal.Some scientists even began to discard Darwin’s theories due to the fact it caused racism and classism. They began to believe it wasn’t anything scientific at all. It was just another mere ideology that went against the Church’s teachings.Darwin’s theory also caused many governments to begin to switch to a laissez-faire economy. The idea of the government allowing the economy to evolve, grow, and adapt on its own was influenced by Social Darwinism. The economy will adjust on its own. The government does not need to help the poor. They are weak and should not benefit from society. They should die out and the fittest part of the population will survive. Government cutting back control allowed more of a cutthroat economy. Many people were willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. This caused some chaos and harmful situations in the economy.Darwin’s ideas caused a lot of domino effects. He wrote his book about finches and ended up causing racism and classism. His idea of natural selection caused major issues with the Church. Evolution allowed many different scientists to try new experiments. Nations began to grow and stir up nationalism and colonization. Many colonies grew and were modernized. New classes in society were created. New government tactics were used. Darwin had just as many supports as he did rejecting him. Darwin’s book stirred up many different ideas and viewpoints that changed society as a whole forever.


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