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故事中的Young Goodman Brown,“道德败坏,霍桑推出从突出公共道德与清教社会的直接结果。因此,短篇小说的主要主题是公共道德的不足,在《马的胜利者》中有类似的东西,这一主题在布朗的行动中得到了体现。例如,当主人公看到糖果克罗伊丝,或听到Deacon Gookin的声音,部长。Goodman Brown已经决定到森林里去面对魔鬼,但是当其他角色进入这个场景时他就躲了起来。他似乎更担心别人对他的信仰的看法,而事实上,他确实迈出了与魔鬼相遇的一步。Goodman Brown没有真正的信仰,但他有一个由周围的人的宗教信仰组成的。这种信仰是不真实的,只是给信仰者一个错误的基础,“摇马赢家”的风格和语气立刻揭示了这个故事来自于传说和传说的世界。叙述者的遥远而严肃的口吻:“有一个美丽的女人”向我们表明这是一个古老的故事。很显然这是某种追寻叙事。男孩的英雄将试图赢得遥远的女王/母亲的爱。


In the story “Young Goodman Brown,” Hawthorne unveils the moral vitiation that is a direct result from the highlighting of public morality with a Puritan Society. So the dominant theme of the short story is the inadequacy of public morality what is similar in “The Rocking-Horse Winner.” This theme is demonstrated in the actions of Brown. For example, when the protagonist sees Goody Cloyse, or hears the voices of the Deacon Gookin and the minister. Goodman Brown had already made the decision to go inside the forest and face the devil, but he hides when other characters enter this scene. He seems to be more worried with the way others perceive his faith, then with the fact that he actually made a step to meet up with the devil. Goodman Brown does not have the genuine faith, but he has one made up of the religious convictions of people surrounding him. Such faith is not real and just gives a wrong foundation to the believer.The style and tone of “The Rocking-Horse Winner” reveal immediately that this story comes from the world of fable and legend. The distant, solemn tone of the narrator: “There was a woman who was beautiful,” signals us that this is an old story. Quickly it becomes apparent that this is a quest narrative of some sort. The boy hero will try to win the love of the distant queen/mother.


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