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Besides cooperative learning is other way of teaching approaches which helps to enhance students’ cognitive development. It can be defined as approaches to learning (and teaching) which emphasise interaction between students and which foster cooperative values (John, 1995). There are some examples of cooperating learning activities like jigsaw, peer tutoring, brainstorming, role play and problem solving which requires the students to build up cooperation through group roles. Woolfolk (cited in Webb & Palinesar (1996)) stated that cooperative learning is “situations where elaboration, interpretation, explanation and argumentation are integral to the activity of the group and where learning is supported by other individuals.” When teachers apply this, it will promote cooperative values and help students to improve their cognitive development. This also helps the students to develop their positive attitudes and improve their achievement in academic field. After finishing the activities, there must be a follow up activity which reflects on what students have learnt. Besides, teachers might set them tasks to be done in class or as homework. Capuzzi (2006), asserted that “This may help group members integrate learning and develop perspectives for the future” when completing homework given by teachers after the group ends.


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