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最近的一项全国性调查显示,51%的600 Facebook用户浏览社交网络上的照片后,他们感到担心产生负面影响的自尊上显示社交媒体用户更关心他们的身体形象(哈里·布兰德博士,2012)。根据哈利布兰德博士(2012)指出,Facebook是一个容易让人们花更多的时间和精力去谴责自己的身体,并希望他们像其他人。“Facebook使我们寻求你的朋友的照片和状态,但这是一种不健康的行为对其他人Facebook(哈里·布兰德博士,2012)。像其他事实上,调查被调查的600 Facebook用户意识到他们之间的比较他们的生活的朋友,当他们阅读上发布的照片和状态更新。哈利布兰德博士也认为,“低自尊可以不断地连接到互联网很难自己的图片和其他触发器、低自尊。”哈里·布兰德博士(2012年)我们经常接触到这些图像,给比较自己和他人离线的人。Facebook为个体创造一种方法来比较自己和他人不利的构成的自尊心严重威胁他们的用户是有风险的”(哈里·布兰德博士,2012)。


A recent national survey showed that 51% out of 600 Facebook users after viewing the pictures on the social networking, they are feeling worry about a negative impact which showed on the self-esteem of social media users are more concerned about their body image (Dr. Harry Brandt, 2012). According to Dr. Harry Brandt (2012), states that Facebook is giving an easier for people to spend more time and effort to condemn their own bodies, and wish them look like someone else. “Facebook enable us to look for your friends’ photos and status, but this is an unhealthy behavior towards the others Facebook (Dr. Harry Brandt, 2012). As other matter of fact, the survey has been surveyed of 600 Facebook users recognize that they have compare their lives between their friends, when they read the status updates and pictures posted. Dr. Harry Brandt also states that with “low self-esteem can constantly connected to the Internet is difficult to own images and other triggers, low self-esteem. ” (Dr. Harry Brandt, 2012) We are constantly exposed to these images and give a comparison between the people themselves and others offline. Facebook creating a way for individuals to compare their own and others adversely which by posing a so serious threat to the self-esteem of their users is risky” (Dr. Harry Brandt, 2012).


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